Required documents


1. Fully completed application form (attached) and signed by the applicant.


Visa application form filled out in English bearing personal signature of the applicant (completed and signed).


Minor's visa application form is signed and submitted by the parent or legal guardian, i.e. if the minor entering with the parent's or legal guardian's passport, a separate visa application form should be submitted. Minor receives a separate visa in the parent's or legal guardians or their own passport.




2. One recent photo, scanned separately. Photo should be of excellent quality in jpeg format


In color, 3.5 × 4.5 cm (approx. 1.2 × 1.6 inch)


Facing forward, the background shall be white.




3. Scanned passport copy (jpeg format)


3.1 Identity page


3.2 Pages containing previous Azeri visas/information about previous visits to Azerbaijan (if applicable)


Passport must be valid for no less than 6 months after the anticipated return from Azerbaijan.


Containing at least 2 blank pages


Issued within the previous 10 years


* Additionally - for Minors (under 18) who are travelling without or with only one parent: a birth certificate, written consent from the parent/parents (not travelling with the child) is needed. The written consent must have a stamp of a Notary public. If there is only one custodian, a birth certificate, decision from court about sole custody, death certificate or other document has to prove this.




4. Hotel confirmation letter.


Hotel confirmation letter covering the whole duration of the intended stay is required (Confirmation letter from the hotel with stamp, signature, and date, clearly mentioning: name and surname of the applicant, and duration of the stay.) AKI TRAVEL can book the hotel & provide the letter on your behalf.




5. Flight or train booking confirmation.


AKI TRAVEL can assist you with the airline and train bookings.




6. Payment.


FREE if the package is booked through  AKI TRAVEL. Package includes 3 nights at the hotel, or one night at the hotel + airticket & transfer (issued within 8-15 days). For urgent visa customer should pay USD 100 (issued within 3 business days).


USD 70 – for regular e-visa. Hotel booking to be provided by the client's side, consideration period 6 business days.


USD 165 – for urgent e-visa. Hotel booking to be provided by the client's side, consideration period 3 business days.


Visa fee is payable by bank transfer or credit card in advance.


Visa fee is non-refundable.




Important Notes:


E-Visa is single entry, and valid only for a term of a hotel booking. Visa cannot be extended; entry and departure dates cannot be updated.


Maximum term of stay is 30 days.


All documents must be scanned and sent in excellent quality in JPEG format, size not more than 1MB.


Submitting the above-mentioned documents DOES NOT guarantee issuance of a visa.


If applicant cancels the hotel reservation booked through PASHA Travel straight after visa application, the penalty of AZN 50 should be covered in addition to hotel penalty cost (if applicable).


MFA online system doesn't accept black and white documents.

The full package of documents should be sent to